Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 Cutest Plushies on Etsy

I recently stumbled across an Etsy page on the 10 cutest plushies. I agree whole-heartedly with a couple of their choices. Especially:
Blooper - Mario Series by T0fugurl

Although technically this one isn't a plush as it's crotchet, it's still cute.
Severed Yeti Head by AquaKoala

Just adorable, in a weird sorta way.

But as a maker of plushies, I thought I'd do a page of my own on the best plushies around. Enjoy It Is Cute's Top 15 Cutest Plushies of Etsy!

1. Mystery Bear by Venacava

2. Little Plush Monster by NuitBlanche

3. Purple Costume Pup by HelloHappy

4. Purple Paw Print Plush by FluffyFlowers

5. Elenor the Star Fish by Vireo

6. Alex the Rabbit by StarlitNestGifts

7. Gerret & Gage by Adoptanalien

8. pleasantly content emotionigiri is pleasantly content by MisskittyCharms

9. Slergz by FrogMuseum2

10. Bumble the Yeti faux fur Guinea Pig by Zygopsyche

11. Pink Taco by OhboyCatToy

12. Dixie by JennyLovesBenny

13. Vincent the Creepy Albino Bunny by SleepyKing

14. Noir the Goth Sock Pig by FigurativePie

15. Wiz the Baby Lightning Bolt by mamazshanna

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  1. You have the cutest blog ever!! I just discovered it and I must tell you that I am hooked! I think that a blog devoted to cuteness is very creative!!