Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tiny Panda Plushes & Robots In Love Print

Minuscule hand-crafted pandas and prints of robots in love. Is your heart exploding with joy?

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mr. Squirrel & Friends

Smart, sophisticated animal designs by Ryan Berkley of Berkley Illustrations. Also available as pint-size make up mirrors & mouse pads! Not to mention, a rather handsome coaster set.

And so on from My Favorite Mirror

Origami Bonsai

Each bonsai is completely 100% made by hand from paper, including the stem! I am in awe of the skill involved to make something like this. I can barely make a paper crane!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Toaster Pastry Necklace

A nostalgic treat for some, a sweet reality for others.

Brought to you by Acrylicana via

Monster Babies

So scary. So darling. So many!

Made by Loveandsandwich at

Bunny Kahlo Necklace

More hand-crafted cuteness from dinafragola at

Let's Take A Walk - Owl Couplette

I am swooning over this cute little felted duo hand-crafted by The Cupcake Girls.

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Han Panda

Hanpanda is always half panda and half some other animal. There are lots of han pandas including Bear Han Panda, Bunny Han Panda, and Hello Kitty Han Panda who coexist happily in the Han Panda Kingdom. Even cuter, they are life size!

By the incredible and sorely missed Nagi Noda

Glittering Fairy Wings

By On Gossamer Wings

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nintendo Mushroom Cufflinks

I'm so glad to see TheClayCollection kicking off a cufflink revival. And featuring the cutest Nintendo characters to boot!

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Sushi Catnip Toys

More from Chaucerswench at Etsy

Confectionary Jewels

Make your ears look delicious.

More from Ajilionpieces at Etsy!

Felted Cupcakes

And other sweets! Non-perishable cuteness from Julyhobby.

View more at Julyhobby's store at Etsy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frank Kozik: Labbit

More by Frank Kozik
Available at Kidrobot

Louis Vuitton -Takashi Murakami

Much as I hate ads, this LV spot by the king of strange-cute himself Takashi Murakami begs to be shared.

More from Takashi Murakami Warning: This site contains adult themes and images.

Squid Fork Necklace

This flying squid necklace is ingeniously crafted from forks!

More from Doc Gus

Microbe Plushies: Mono & Black Death

The kissing disease Mono in purple, fuzzy plush form is too charming to resist. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with this lil' cutey, even at the risk of being infectiously bed ridden for a week?

Ever wonder what the black death looked like under a microscope? The answer is: freakin' adorable. This black fuzzy plush stares back at you with a single cyclopsian blue eye, that fatally tugs away at your heart strings.

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Kitty Wigs

Chicken and Shaft model these *fabulous* chat fatale wigs in bubblegum pink, electric blue, bombshell blond, and foxy silver.

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Snow Kitty Hat

White fuzzy kitty-eared hat made of soft, snowy fur. Ear phones can be run through the ties for stealth music listening ^_^

For more see

Crotchet Octopi & Happy Pears

Mini crocheted octopus in *bright* pink crafted by hand in the "amigurumi" style.

Who knew crocheted pears would be so cute? If real pears were this cute, I wouldn't be able to eat them.

For more visit anapaulaoli on Etsy!