Monday, March 22, 2010

Homage to the Manatee

[Also known as the sea cow... but way cuter than an actual cow, the manatee is the gentle giant of the shallows, spending half of its day asleep and the other half trying to avoid getting run over by idiotic humans in their motor boats.]

Pomagranatee - Pomagranate scented manatee shaped soap. By Daisy Cakes Soap
Who knew manatees smelled like fruit? Well, have you ever smelled one?

Depressed Print 8" x 10" by The Secret Nest
These manatees look so very sad. Sorta makes you want to feed them or tickle their bellies or something.

Manatee & Friends Card Collection by PrairieDog
Finally we get to read what all these strange animals are trying to tell us. But do we really want to know?

Sweet Manatee Cameo Necklace by Gemstone Gypsy
Who says cameos are just reserved for portraits of pale rich ladies on their way to fainting?